New Starter Alert

We are all delighted to introduce to you Lucy Churchill who joins the team at Rehab Beauty on 7th December 2021

Lucy’s experience from previous roles in West Bridgford and her Level 3 qualifications meant that she was simply perfect for the role and we couldn’t have been more pleased and proud to see her join the team at Rehab Beauty!

5 Questions we asked Lucy!

Q1. One thing on your bucket list?

Answer: To travel the world as much as I can.

Q2. If you could invite one person to a dinner party (dead/alive) who would it be?

Answer: Ryan Reynolds as you would have such a laugh with him.

Q3. The best life advice you ever got?

Answer: Be yourself, live life to the fullest and don’t take anything to seriously.


Q4. Most Embarrassing Moment?

Answer: There’s too many to pick from! I think one that sticks out is when I went out I fell over absolutely everything (this was even before a drink!) I can be a little clumsy sometimes!


Q5. Proudest thing that you have done?

Answer: Passing my driving test. I told no one, not even my parents. I came home with the certificate and buying my car.